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Flexible Liquid Logistic Solutions

About Us

Flexible Liquid Logistics Solutions in Flexible bladdertanks

Flexitank Systems has successfully been creating flexible liquid logistics solutions since 2003. 

We are based in Gauteng South Africa, the gateway to Sub-Sahara Africa. We are using the very latest internationally recognized technologies and materials to manufacture a variety of durable and high quality PVC and Polyurethane Collapsible Bladder-tanks as well as LLDPE disposable units.

Our Flexible solutions are for Liquids; potable water, food-grade, non-hazardous chemicals, specialty oils, fuels and other liquids. 

Our main product lines are Static Storage Collapsible Bladder tanks, ISO Container tanks and Transportable tanks. Due to the wide demand for custom and tailor made solutions, combined with our flexible approach to innovation and development, we can manufacture to specific customer needs. We have a team of competent and experienced engineers, ready to assist you instantaneously, with the very best technology, manufacturing and commercial solutions.