Flexitank Systems
Flexible Liquid Logistic Solutions

Flexitank ISO LDPE - Standard (Disposable)

Tank positioned and ready for loading

Bottom load and discharge

Top load and discharge

Schematic drawing of ISO Flexitanks

Reefer Flexitank applications are available on Request

Flexitanks are special equipment that transform a standard 20’ Dry Van containers into bulk containers for transportation of non-hazardous cargos. Our Flexitanks have multiple welded inner liners and a woven PP outer sleeve liner for strength with a capacity from 18 up to 24 thousand litres. If required 1 layer of barrier film (PA, EVOH or ALU) will be added as a heat or oxygen barrier.

Our Flexitanks are certified for the transport of halaal and kosher products.  

Features and Benefits

  • Converts a 20’ dry ocean shipping container to a 24 ton bulk liquid carrier
  • Replaces eighty (80) 200l drums or twenty (20) one ton totes
  • 100% Food grade polyethylene (Manufactured to FDA standards)
  • Compatible with many non-hazardous chemicals for transport and some Haz-chem for storage
  • More economical than ISO tankers, drums and totes
  • Lowest possible trip cost
  • Tank wall maximizes product protection
  • Easy to fit into container-, dispose of and recycle
  • Easy load and discharge with standard industry fittings top or bottom.
  • Minimal heel or residue  

Other Application:
Temporary storage of other chemical liquids

Short term supported storage up to 23Kl and at 40% (10000l) unsupported

Technical Specification:
LDPE/Polyprop (Standard)