Flexitank Systems
Flexible Liquid Logistic Solutions

Flexitank ISO re-usable

Top Load ISO Flexi for transport and long term use for liquid products

Top Load and Discharge application, also available for fuel pump stations with recessed bulkhead

Bottom load and discharge application, also available for fuel pump stations with recessed bulkhead

Reefer Flexitank applications are also available for this application on Request

Flexitanks are special equipment that transform a standard 20’ ISO (Dry- Van) containers into bulk containers for transportation or storage of liquid cargoes. If one pulls back the bulkhead and recesses it to make space for a pump station, one can use the container as a complete off-site filling station. Our Flexitanks are long lasting, the Polyurethane is made of a Full Military specification, capable of holding most carbon fuels and are not effected by products such as Jet-A1, Transformer oil and other fuels. Our Flexitanks are certified for the aviation and transformer oil industry.  

Features and benefits

  • As Flexitanks operate in a vacuum, what you put in is what you get out, no dust, air or light exposure to your product.  
  • Converts a 20’ dry ocean shipping container to a 24 ton bulk liquid carrier/storage facility
  • Replaces eighty (80) 200l drums or twenty (20) one ton totes
  • Compatible to carry many liquid including hazardous chemicals
  • Multi use for up to 6 years and longer. (fair wear and tear allowed)
  • Polyurethane Tank wall offers maximizes product protection without effect.
  • Easy load and discharge with standard industry fittings
  • Minimal rest-load or residue      

Other Application:
Supported storage up to 23Kl and at 40% (10000l) unsupported without container

Technical Specification:
Polyurethane or PVC