Flexitank Systems
Flexible Liquid Logistic Solutions

Transportable Bladdertanks

Contained and supported Truck Drop-side application in the Outback Australia

Contained and supported Train application in Chilli South America

Unsupported Military application for rapid deployment

Best example of unsupported multi-loads into Africa

Supported Flexitank, to transport Resin in the UK

Combined us of transportable and small storage tanks UN

Transport of dust suppressor from South Africa to the mines in Zambia, trucks to return with Copper

Transport flexible tanks are made from PVC or Polyurethane, a Full Military specification Material with high strength and made specifically for resisting abrasion during transportation for wear resistance and UV protection for African conditions. The coating of the material is selected according to chemical characteristics of the liquid transported so as to avoid chemical reaction and guarantee the original properties of the liquid. 

They are long life, multiple use tanks and are made to last for 6 years and beyond. The Flexitanks are fully self-supporting and surge resistant when filled to capacity and tied down onto the trailer or truck bed.

Features and Benefits:
The transportable Collapsible Bladder flexitank breaks the traditional transportation mode, and is applicable to agricultural vehicle, picking-up vehicle, box type vehicle, and flatbed trailers. It features easy operation and good interchange ability. This flexible tank may be used to transport liquid return loads so as to reduce no-load rates and hence increase the truck operator’s efficiency and ensures a backload every time. Since the transport flexible tank can be folded, it features small size and easy storage. This ends the age of pulling iron and stainless tanks around and greatly saves logistics cost. As Flexitanks operate in a vacuum, what you put in is what you get out, no dust, air or light exposure to your product.  

Transportable Collapsible Bladder Flexitanks that offer one way liquid transportation and dry-bulk on the way back. It offers excellent savings in capital outlay and a long trip cost saving.  Transportable Flexitanks are supplied and various sizes, tailor made for the loading capacity of the truck or pick-up.

Other Applications
It can be used to transport fodder foods (Molasses) and most carbon fuels. 

Technical Specification:
Polyurethane or PVC