Flexitank Systems
Flexible Liquid Logistic Solutions

Wheel barrow tank: Barrow-Tank.

Light as a feather 45 Litre

Easy to fill with a garden hose

A Full 45 litres when full

Watering vegetables or garden plants

Filling of livestock watering bins at a distance


Barrow tanks are made from top quality materials to last. They are made from robust 800gr/sqm (potable) PVC materials with a 2 Inch male thread for filling and dispatching water. The fitting can easily be adapted to any size fitting or Gardena applicator. 

Feature and Benefits:

Barrow-tanks are ideal for people who have no direct running water where they need it. It is easy to use with any wheelbarrow, as the tank takes the shape of the wheelbarrow. The Tank can be stored in the smallest of spaces as it folds up really smallwhen empty. Barrow tanks are ideal for small holders or farmers who have small watering requirements for either garden or stock feeding far away from actual piped running water.

Other Applications:

You can put it on the back of any other mode of transport to transport water or other non-hazchem liquids.

Technical Specification:

“Specialised PVC”