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Hein van Spaendonck (HvS), a serial entrepreneur, established Flexitank Systems (FTS) in 2002 from the remnants of the Rubber tank division of Dunlop Industrial Products (DIP) ‘mothballed’ since 1996, operating from Howick, as a 50/50 JV, between HvS and DIP.

The business took on new life (including internationally), under HvS directorship up until 2005. At this time Dunlop division, unbeknown to HvS, made ill advised ‘cost saving’ alterations in the fabric of the rubber compound, which compromised its integrity, and resulted in newly produced tanks leaking in the market place.  

During our initial trading years, HvS natural vocation towards optimisation, along with being a textile engineer trained in the Netherlands, HvS developed many new products with more modern and updated designs and materials along with optimal production methods.

As a result of DIP’s action in compromising the integrity of the then failing rubber materials, there was no longer a role for DIP to play in FTS and the JV ceased trading.

In 2006 a new FTS- Flexitanks Systems was established as a manufacturing arm, under van Spaendonck Trading CC a Holding company.

The growth in the business has been substantial and in the last few years the business has become more demanding. Since the beginning of 2020, under the specialist knowledge of Willem Pieterse, a newly appointed director of FTS, FTS is now also involved in another expansion of its offerings. Namely, the production and building of pressed steel panel tanks and Aluzinc round tanks with sizes ranging from 10 000 liter up to 4 million liters for the civil, building and mining industry.

The business is built on a solid engineering and practical administration model and continues to grow from strength to strength

Steel tank

The business and its products


Flexitank systems is business which focusses on specialized production in the water, fuel, sewage,  and Bio-gas storage and transport space. It is this niche and specialized solution based production which has allowed it to grow steadily and easily over time:

  • Bladder tanks for liquid transport
  • Bladder tanks for Bio-Gas and liquid storage
  • Containerized solutions
  • Water cooling systems solutions in mining
  • Bio-Gas curtains (JHB council)
  • Potable water storage tanks
  • Fuel storage and transportation
  • Processed water and sewage treatment tanks

Due to its practical and solution-based initiatives, as well as its financial independence, FTS is the ideal partner to work with. Our team consists of innovative thinkers whom find suitable and flexible solutions that suit individual client requirements where possible. Once found, we see it through to a successful completion. We are not in it to make a quick buck and high billing, but rather to be part of a success story. We thrive on the challenge of innovation versus cost effectiveness! There is a real intrinsic and sincere desire to create sustainable solutions for the long term in an African context. Our policy is to ensure an ongoing fair exchange and continued alignment with the business partners we engage with.

The Team

The team is made up of 3 senior people and 18 qualified and streetwise employees who understand “process” and also understand that within a set process “independent initiative is the mother of all FU’s”… 😉 However, within that context, we do embrace adopting and adapting to change and improvements in process, but with the understanding that it comes from carefully thought-out re-engineering, where and when required. We rely on an extensive network of qualified contracted specialists where required. All with at least 10 years proven track records, selected specifically for each project we have at hand. All staff travel extensively and are used to operating in a tough working environments, including within our client’s operations and work spheres.

Health and safety is of utmost importance to us and we ensure that all steps are taken to ensure we conform to all safety standards as per client requirements.

We provide customers continued and long-term access to our technologies and continuously improving processes, to ensure

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