Oil Spill Contamination Boom

When oil spills occur on our harbours and waterways, containment systems are put in place immediately to minimize the amount of oil dispersion that can pollute shorelines, fish populations and other natural resources. Flexitanks Oil spill contamination Booms make containment recovery easier and faster and reducing damage to the environment. Available in inflatable and permanent closed foam cell panels as flotation mechanisms.

Liquid Storage in Africa

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Oil spill contamination boom are for inland and offshore protection of water. Lightweight and compact if inflatable. Can be folded into sections due to the flat panels. Stored in vehicles, boats or trucks for quick deployment by hand. Welded PVC or PU material. Freeboard is 6 inches and draft is 10 inches. Available in any length to order. This oil spill contamination boom has handles and anchor points. Available accessories include anchors, repair kits, carry bags, towing sets and reflectors. Easily cleaned with detergents or power washing. Use on any water when you have debris and oil to contain. For use on waterways, marinas and harbours. Floats on water. Contains all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, diesel, lubricating oils and fuel oil as well as debris.

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