Pressed Steel Tanks

FTS pressed steel tanks are made with panels and are also known as panel tanks suitable for the storage of medium to high volumes of water and other liquids. All Pressed Steel Tanks are hot dipped galvanized panels and can be tailor made to serve as various industrial and residential reservoir applications. FlexiTank Systems can supply and install these panel tanks in any size ranging from 1000 to 5 Million liters. All pressed steel tanks structures are signed off by a registered engineer. Panel tanks can be ground based and serviced by a pressure vessel and pump or elevated up-to 20 meters to create water pressure by altitude.

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Pressed Steel Tank General Specifications

Malaysia standard MS1390:2010. Singapore Standard SS245: 1995 similar to British Standards BS 7491
Part3:1994 and BS EN 13280:2001

Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) Consist of:
Resin - Isophthalic unsaturated polyester resin conforming to BS 3532 Specification
Fiber Glass - Low alkalli fibre glass conforming to JIS R3411 to R3417 or BS 3396, BS 3496
and BS 3749 Specifications 

Manufacturing Process:
Hot pressed SMC compression moulding

Tank Structural Support:
Tie -rod System : External: Hot Dipped Galvvanised Steel
Internal:SS304 Tie-rod,optional SS316
Roof Support:PVC/ABS pipes with GRP roof panel stiffener
External Braced Sysytem: External : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel
Internal:None (metal free insde, non Partitioned tank only)
Roof support: PVC Poles with GRP roof panel stiffener

Non toxic PVC foam/EPDM Rubber

External:Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised steel 
Optional: SS 304/314

Internal : Standard : 
SS 304 ( IN-Contact with Water 
Optional: SS316 (In - Contact with Water) 
Roof : Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel 
Optional : SS 304/316 

External : Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised steel 
Internal : Standard : PVC or Aluminium 
Optional :GRP Or SS 304-316 

Water level indicator :
Standard : Reverse Reading Pointer Mechanical Type ( Cat & Mouse) 
Optional : Direct Reading Clear Tube Type 

Nozzle Panel:
Pipe Nozzles not inclusive 
Flat Panels will be provided on request

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