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Our Range Of Products and Services

Our range of products and services include but is not limited to all of the following. 
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Rain Harvest 

It is a great standby facility for your house, office or factory for when the suppliers of water let us down or simply to save money.

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Flexi Tank ISO

High-temperature-resistant Flexitank is a FlexiTank with new heat-resistant material technology, this is a specially designed bulk liquid cargo with high filling temperature

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Tank Bank 

A Liquid storage tank bank can be fully integrated in your computerised dosing and mixing plants.

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Heli Flexi

Heli-Flexies are in use worldwide for disaster relief, homeland security, emergency response, power-line utilities (electricity/power), remote work camps, exploration and mining facilities

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Storage Bladder Tanks

These liquid storage tanks can be made in a full military specification and have been manufactured with the highest safety standards using the latest technology,

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Transportable Bladder Tanks

The transportable bladder flexitank breaks the traditional transportation mode, and is applicable to agricultural vehicle, picking-up vehicle, box type vehicle, and flatbed trailers

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Due to the wide demand for custom and tailor made solutions, combined with our flexible approach to innovation and development, we can manufacture to specific customer needs.

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